About The Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix AZ

The Desert Botanical Garden is a 140-acre botanical garden located in central Arizona. It is affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Kunming Institute of Botany. The gardens have been designed by Larry Kornegay, who also designed projects at the Desert Botanical Garden. In 2011, the gardens opened Carefree Desert Gardens, a 49-acre garden in the Sonoran Desert.

Carefree Desert Gardens opened in 2011

Installed as a beautification project, the Carefree Desert Gardens has expanded into a full-scale botanical garden. Its grounds feature a wide variety of desert plants, including the 65-foot boojum tree and the crested saguaro. The gardens are open to the public and offer free admission most days. You can also visit the gardens for special events like the annual Thunderbird Artists Show and the Enchanted Pumpkin Garden. Visitors can also enjoy Christmas in Carefree for a small fee.

Located in Sundial Circle, the Carefree Desert Gardens are a nine-acre oasis. The gardens include waterfalls, ponds, and a large, historic sundial. In addition, the gardens feature free WiFi, a playground, and a manicured garden filled with regional cacti.

Larry Kornegay designed projects at Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Garden is a beautiful place with many sculptural elements and a shady spot to walk and relax. This is a place to experience nature and wildlife, but you can also view a collection of Larry Kornegay’s work. This designer is known for his attention to detail and artistic approach to a variety of materials.

The Desert Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden in the southwest, with over five thousand species of plants. Visiting this place will give you the chance to experience the desert like you never have before. The Desert Botanical Garden is committed to advancing excellence in research and education, as well as conservation efforts.

KBG is affiliated with Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Desert Botanical Garden is a botanical garden located in Arizona and is affiliated with the Kunming Institute of Botany, the Chinese academy of sciences. This institute, which was established in 1938, conducts research in Botany. Its campus is located in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province.

Kunming CBD is a renowned research institute in botany. It is located in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, China. Its members include the HAO Xiaojiang, professor of phytochemistry, LI Dezhu, and Dr. WANG Hong, full professor of botany.

The garden has several greenhouses. The greenhouses are equipped with a wide range of plant species. It has more than three thousand different species of plants, which account for 10 percent of the world’s land plants. It is important to protect plant diversity and develop a national botanical garden system.

Volunteers are essential to the Garden’s development

Volunteers are a vital part of the Desert Botanical Garden’s success. During its early years, the Garden’s staff was small and finances were limited, but generous early supporters donated plant collections and helped plan plant sales, art and photography exhibits, and numerous public events. Today, the Garden is one of the nation’s leading plant research institutions. Its Board of Trustees sets policy for its development, and its volunteers share their time, talents, and expertise with the Garden.

The Garden’s volunteer program has evolved over the years. For example, the “Munro Field of Light” exhibit uses miles of fiber optic lines to draw light from 60 light boxes. It took a team of volunteers and staff to thread these fiber optic lines through 4,000 desert plants and cacti.

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