Moving a home or business is often a mix of excitement and nostalgia. The prospect of a fresh start in a new place can be thrilling, yet leaving behind familiar surroundings can tug at the heartstrings.

When that move spans a long distance or crosses the state lines, the stakes and stress rise exponentially. If you have found yourself staring at a mountain of boxes, unsure how to begin and what permits to obtain, you are not alone.

Relocating a home or a company is a task that requires thorough planning and execution. If you are on the brink of moving out of state, this article will help clear all your doubts.

We will discuss the common moving challenges, why hire the best long distance movers and the advantages of storage services. In a nutshell, this article will make you fully ready to move. 

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Long-distance Moving Challenges: 4 Backbreakers You Must Be Aware of

Have you ever completed local moves? You will agree that it requires more than just shipping the boxes. Things get even more arduous when it comes to long-distance moves, especially when crossing the state lines. Here are some challenges you might experience if you move on your own.

Increased Risk of Damage

Your belongings are your biggest possession, so you do everything to keep them intact during the move. Despite proper packing and all the effort, there is a continuous risk of damage, primarily during loading/unloading. 

When moving across long distances, your belongings get transported through varying terrains and conditions. Each bump, abrupt stop, or swift turn on the road increases the likelihood of items getting jostled within their packaging.

While large furniture items can withstand some impact, delicate glassware, electronics, or heirlooms stand at a higher risk. Additionally, prolonged transit times may expose items to fluctuating temperatures, which can be detrimental to musical instruments, fine art, important documents, and certain antiques.

Complicated Logistics 

Long-distance relocations often mean navigating through multiple cities or even states. It introduces the challenge of managing varying toll fees, understanding divergent transportation regulations, or maneuvering through unfamiliar routes.

Depending on your chosen route, the journey might also involve crossing congested urban areas, remote countryside routes, or areas with poor road infrastructure, each bringing its own set of complications.

Difficulty in Executing the Move

Time is of the essence when moving your home or business. Relocating without a commercial mover by your side means dealing with the burden of arranging the packing supplies, trucks, and other things.

Even a slight delay of a day can prove to be costly, as you will need temporary storage to secure your items. If the moving date is extended further due to unforeseen circumstances, such as you being unable to find the right truck, the expenses will continue to rise. 

Changing Regulations and Requirements

Each state has its own set of rules. Certain states might have strict regulations, for instance, if you are moving to or from Virginia, you will need a commercial relocation company to move over 30 miles.

Similarly, other states have unique rules about relocations that you must adhere to in order to move legally. Navigating these varying rules requires thorough research and sometimes even legal advice, which is not only expensive but problematic.

If you are moving your home out of state or planning a long-distance business relocation, trust Dose Moving & Storage. We have been in the commercial moving industry for more than 8 years and have successfully completed hundreds of full-service moves.

Whether you want to move from Virginia to Arizona or other states, contact us and reach your destination with minimum to no hassle.  

How A Long-Distance Moving Company Can Make Things Easier 

When it comes to simplifying the move, no one does it better than a commercial relocation expert. These companies do more than just transport your belongings from point A to B. Here is how they can make your long-distance move much smoother:

Professional Packing Services

One of the most tedious aspects of moving is packing. Unlike relocating in the neighborhood, moving across states requires specialized packing supplies such as cargo blankets. 

A full-service moving company brings expertise to the table that the average individual may lack. Their teams are proficient in the art of packing and understand the intricacies of protecting both fragile items like porcelain and heavy ones like furniture. 

Furthermore, the relocation services company has access to various packing materials tailored to ensure the safety of different types of belongings. It ensures that your possessions are properly packed while sparing you from the weeks of boxing up your belongings. 

Route Planning Expertise 

The journey between your old and new home/office can be fraught with challenges- be it congested traffic zones, roadblocks, or other unpredictable delays. Professional long-distance moving companies often employ advanced route-planning tools, coupled with their inherent experience, to chart out the most efficient route for your move. Fewer delays mean you can reach the location quickly and set up your business, avoiding expensive downtime. 

Efficient Loading and Unloading 

When it comes to shifting heavy furniture, appliances, or moving boxes, the risk of injury or damage is always lurking. When you onboard a professional moving company, their moving service team arrives with the necessary machinery, such as hand trucks, dollies, and ramps, which make the loading and unloading processes smoother.

More than just equipment, their crew undergoes training on how to maneuver bulky items through tight spaces without scratching walls, dropping items, or injuring themselves.

Moving Insurance and Liability Coverage

Accidents happen, no matter how careful one might be. To minimize the financial aspect caused by an accident, an interstate moving company backs your move with insurance. Besides the traditional coverage as mandated by DOT, you can also avail of third-party insurance for better coverage.

Besides providing monetary protection, moving insurance also offers significant peace of mind during the inherently stressful process.

Unpacking and Setup Assistance

The convenience offered by a professional mover does not end at packing or once your belongings reach your new home. Long-distance moving companies like Dose Moving & Storage help you settle in faster by unpacking and organizing your items (provided you have opted for our full-service packing or other add-on services).

Additionally, they handle debris removal, ensuring you are not left with a mess to clear up after a tiring move.

Diverse Vehicle Fleet 

The best long-distance moving companies maintain a fleet of vehicles designed for different moving needs. Whether you are relocating from a studio apartment or a sprawling mansion, there is a vehicle optimized for your specific move.

These trucks and vans are regularly serviced and maintained to rule out the likelihood of breakdown during transit. Moreover, the fact that these vehicles are insured offers an added layer of protection for your prized possessions. 

Emotional and Physical Relief 

Beyond logistical challenges, moving is an emotionally taxing process. Entrusting the physical aspect of it to professionals means one less major stressor to deal with. It spares you not only from the physical strain of lifting and carrying but also the mental burden of worrying about the safety of your belongings.

Dose Moving & Storage is always on-call to assist you with your long-distance move. Partnering with us offers much more advantages than the above-listed ones, and you can expect ontime delivery of your goods.

Call us at {$phone} (Arizona) to schedule your long-distance move and receive a detailed price quote. Check out these customer reviews that tell everything about our quality service and customer satisfaction.

The Advantage of Storage Services in Long-Distance Moving

Moving is overwhelming, and storage is often the last thing people can think of when planning to relocate out of state. Whether you do not want to ship everything at once or have some different plans, booking a storage vault can save you from the stress of securing the extra items. 

Below mentioned are some reasons why you must consider storage services when moving across states. 

Bridging the Gap Between Timelines 

Due to reasons like property renovation or lease start date, there can be a mismatch between when you leave your previous home and when your new one is ready for move-in. Having a storage unit or a portable moving container acts as a buffer, allowing you to safely house your stuff until you are ready to move. 

Reducing the Clutter 

When moving to a new home, if it is smaller or differently configured than your previous residence, there might be some items, especially the bigger ones, you are not sure where to place.

Instead of cramming everything into your new space and creating a cluttered environment, you can opt to keep some items in storage. When you have enough space to accommodate the remaining belongings, get them delivered from the storage facility, and you are all set.

Flexibility in Decision-Making 

Say you are moving your office to a new city, and suddenly, the contractor suggests some urgent repairs. In such scenarios, you can move the items to the storage facility or rent a unit from reliable container companies without delaying the entire moving process.

A storage unit gives you the flexibility to move without the stress of re-planning everything. (It would be great to choose a storage company that offers nationwide availability or read their long-distance moving FAQ before booking their services).

Ensuring the Safety of Valuables 

Just want to move your household items and not the car? Book a climate-controlled car storage, and you do not have to worry about its safety. You can even keep your vehicle stored for months, as these facilities are specially designed to house automobiles. 

When you are back in town, get your car in the condition you have left it, and drive it to your new address.

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Ease in Downsizing

If your long-distance move involves downsizing, moving containers can be a blessing. Instead of hastily selling or discarding items due to lack of space, you can store them temporarily. With a storage vault, you get the opportunity to decide whether to sell, donate, gift, or retain the stuff at your own place. 

Having a dedicated place to store your valuables is always convenient and offers peace of mind. With Dose Moving & Storage, you can book climate-controlled vaults at affordable rates. Each unit is 5x6x7 in size, comes with storage supplies, and can easily hold items worth a one-bedroom apartment

We also offer storage for cars, and you can park your vehicle in our climate-controlled facility. Our monthly recurring fee system eliminates the hassles of payment lapsing for added convenience. 

Need a Trusted Long-distance Mover? Choose Dose Moving & Storage 

We understand that moving across states is no small feat, and it is not just about packing boxes, it is about shifting your entire world to a new place. The challenges can be overwhelming, from arranging packing supplies to obtaining permits, but you can leave everything to us. 

Our professional movers shoulder the weight, ensuring every step of your move is smooth, secure, and stress-free. We also provide storage services if you have some extra items you are unsure where to keep.

Your out-of-state move starts with a detailed consultation with our experts. Have your long-distance moving checklist ready and dial & {$phone} (Arizona) for hiring full-service movers. You can also book a storage container and packing/unpacking as additional services with the move.