Relocating your retail business is often a challenging process; it might bring stress, confusion, disruption, and loss of productivity. However, with proper planning, you can keep the negative impacts to a minimum while moving your business to a new location.

Whether you are relocating to a new storefront, expanding to a larger space, or consolidating multiple locations, there are several key factors to consider when planning a retail move.

This includes choosing the new location, budgeting for the move, managing logistics and timelines, and ensuring that your customers are informed and taken care of during the transition.

There’s already a lot on your plate so we thought of making things easier with a guide on planning a successful retail move. Below you’ll find tips and advice to help you prepare for the move and hire the right moving company.

Plan the Move During a Slow Season to Relocate Faster

Moving your retail business during a slow season can minimize disruption to sales and other business operations. There will be fewer customers in the store, which will allow you to focus on preparing for the move.

Furthermore, relocating your business during a slow-moving season offers more flexibility in terms of scheduling movers and other resources, as they may be less in demand. Moving services can be difficult to set up during peak seasons.

According to moving experts, planning a move during the off-season can turn out to be more cost-effective, as you may be able to negotiate a better deal with the moving company.

Organize a Moving Sale to Liquidate Excess Inventory

There are several reasons why organizing a moving sale before relocating your business is a great idea. A moving sale can help you declutter and eliminate excess inventory, supplies, and office equipment that you no longer need or may not be suitable for your new location. Since you will have fewer items to pack and transport, it’ll help minimize the effort and expenses required during the actual move.

In addition, a moving sale is an excellent way to raise some extra funds to help cover the costs of the move. This is especially helpful if you are downsizing or consolidating locations and need to offset the expenses associated with the move.

Such sales can also generate buzz and attract new customers to your store. A moving sale can be a great opportunity to showcase your products and services and build customer loyalty so they follow you to the new store.

Keep Your Employees in the Loop

It might not be a surprise for your employees when you decide to move the business. However, you should keep them in the know about the process and timeline. When you move a business, you are moving your employees’ workplace as well. You should give your workforce a heads-up about the business’s future and any upcoming changes. You should also tell them about important dates, like moving day or any days the store will be closed.

Your employees need ample time to prepare for the move; they might want to look for accommodations near the new business location or figure out transportation.

Inform Your Customers About the Move

The only way your loyal customers are going to know about the new business location is if you tell them! Moving a retail business isn’t just about moving the inventory and office equipment, it also involves bringing the customer base to the new location.

Moreover, informing your customers about the move shows them that as a business owner, you care about them and want to retain the relationship.

It would be great if you tell your customers about a month before moving so that they can plan to make essential purchases beforehand. Don’t forget to inform them about the moving sale, if you are organizing one.

By providing them with the new business location, parking details, changes in staff or inventory, and other pertinent details, it is possible to maintain your clientele even after moving your retail business to a new location.

Strategize How You’ll Move and Install Any Technical Equipment

IT equipment, such as computers and data servers, are often delicate and can be easily damaged during a move. With a well-thought-out strategy, you can ensure that your equipment is properly packed and handled to minimize the risk of damage.

Dose Moving and Storage recommends putting together a team of IT professionals to plan out that part of the retail business move ahead of time. The professionals can disassemble the equipment properly and make sure it is ready to be moved to the new space.

Prepare the New Location for Moving Day in Advance

Not preparing the new location can substantially affect the overall moving process, so don’t overlook it when planning a retail move. Before moving in, it is essential to ensure that the new location is clean and in good shape. This may include cleaning the floors, walls, and windows and making any necessary repairs or renovations.

If the new location isn’t ready to organize and arrange your goods, this can cost you time and push back your reopening. Reliable commercial movers, like Dose Moving and Storage, can arrange temporary storage for your inventory or office furniture until the new location is ready. Commercial storage might come in handy in a pinch!

Reach out to the moving experts at Dose Moving, and let us help you relocate your business in Arizona, Virginia, Maryland, or the Washington D.C. area.

Update Your Online Business Listing (On Google and Other Places)

One thing most businesses often overlook or forget in the chaos of moving is updating their business listing. Your loyal customers know that you have relocated to a new place, but what about new customers? They’ll still get the old address when they search for your business online!

Update all business listings with the latest address, phone numbers, and other important information.

Notify the IRS About the Change of Address to Ward Off Legal Issues

Besides updating your business listings, you should inform the IRS about the change of address of your business. Depending on the state you live in and the type of industry you are in, you may need to notify the local zoning office that you have moved or are planning to move your business to another location.

It can be complicated, especially if you are moving your business out of state, so it’s better to start the process a few months before you are planning to relocate.

While the process of informing the IRS and completing other necessary tasks is somewhat daunting, Dose Moving and Storage is here to ease your stress by taking care of your actual move, so you can focus on other aspects of the process. 

Contact us for a no-obligation quote, and let our professional commercial movers help you move your business.

Look Out for Storage Options to Manage Extra Inventory

Setting up your business at the new location is another obstacle you need to overcome when moving a retail business. Most businesses struggle with storing the extra inventory they have ordered beforehand. If you also have a large amount of inventory to move, it is important to figure out storage solutions.

When you have some extra commercial storage space available near the new location, you can store the overflow items there for the time being you are organizing the important supplies. Climate-controlled storage off-site should be your choice if you are looking for long-term storage services for extra items.

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Partner With a Reliable Commercial Moving Company

Moving your retail business means getting all the local and state permits and licenses. There are a lot of formalities you need to complete to avoid legal issues. However, when you partner with a reputable moving company, you can focus on these formalities and let them handle the physical part of the move.

Commercial movers like Dose Moving and Storage regularly move retail businesses and know how to make the relocation go smoothly. Moreover, when you onboard a moving company, you can ask them to manage packing and unpacking your goods and business property.

From inventory and display cases to office desks and computer equipment, a commercial moving company can handle moving everything required for your new business location. Some reputable commercial movers offer no-obligation quotes, so make sure to obtain a detailed quote from the company to understand if it fits your budget.

Call 602-806-9335 (AZ) or 571-207-7973 (VA) to get a service quote if you are looking to move your retail business in Virginia, Arizona, Maryland, or Washington, DC. Partner with the best commercial moving company that will look out for your needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Moving Company: Is It Worth It?

Yes, you have employees to help, but does that mean a moving company isn’t really required? The truth is, your employees do not have the training or experience to be moving heavy equipment or bulky furniture. Furthermore, moving a whole business is probably not in their job descriptions.

A commercial mover can not only help you plan the move, but they have all the required equipment, such as a fleet of trucks, to transport your business essentials to the new location.

Here are some more reasons why hiring a professional office moving company is a must!

They Have the Experience and Expertise to Handle Large, Complex Business Moves

As you are in the retail business industry, you already know time is money. When it comes to moving your business, you need a team of expert commercial movers to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Reliable store and office movers, like Dose Moving and Storage, always begin the process by drafting a store or office relocation plan to ensure everything is prepared and organized.

A commercial moving services provider also has the required expertise to handle large and complex moves, especially retail businesses. These companies have the equipment and manpower to relocate your business without any extra headaches.

No Need to Worry About Packing/Unpacking or Loading/Unloading

Packing may seem like a simple task, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. It becomes even more challenging when you are from an industry that deals in expensive and fragile items (electronics, home goods, art, etc.).

With professional business movers taking the lead, you can be confident that your entire business will be packed with care and moved properly. These commercial moving companies offer specialized services, like packing and unpacking services and white glove services for valuable items. Most will even bring the packing supplies as well.

Protect Your Employees From Moving Day Injuries

Your employees aren’t used to heavy lifting, such as carrying office furniture and moving appliances, so the chances of them getting injured are high. Any moving day injuries not only negatively affect the transition, but come with an extra cost. You’ll have to pay the medical bills for all injuries they have sustained during the office move and open yourself up to being sued.

Commercial movers at Dose Moving and Storage have the expertise and equipment to move heavy equipment safely. All our movers are also fully insured so you don’t have to worry about liability.

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Insurance Coverage for Your Belongings

When you move your retail business on your own, you need to arrange insurance to get in-transit damages covered. The worst part is filing a claim for the damages and arguing with the company.

Almost every business mover company offers an insurance policy to cover your possessions. You don’t need to contact any third-party insurance provider on your own and try to find the right coverage for your move. This not only saves a significant amount of money, but prevents the hassles you otherwise may go through.

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Move Faster With a Commercial Mover

The faster you move your business, the fewer effects it will have on business operations. Relocating a retail business comes with its own set of challenges. However, with a professional commercial moving company, you can expect to move your entire business on the designated day.

Moving companies have well-managed schedules so there are fewer delays throughout the process. Make sure to hire a reputable company that is known for completing commercial moves safely and on time.

They Can Cope With Unforeseen Situations

There can be many unexpected challenges when transferring your business to a new location. An experienced commercial moving company will be prepared to handle any unexpected issues. For example, if the weather conditions aren’t favorable, the moving company will have the proper moving supplies to protect your goods and equipment.

Ready to Move? Trust Dose Moving and Storage to Handle the Business Relocation!

At Dose Moving and Storage, we understand all the work that goes into relocating a retail business. With our robust team of reliable commercial movers, we make it easy for you to move locally.

When you hire Dose Moving for the job, we work hard to ensure you experience all the benefits of working with a commercial mover. We will work around your schedule to make it as easy as possible for you to operate your business during the move.

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