Picking up your items at to store has never been easier.  We offer local pick-up services to help you with your storage needs.  Our dedicated crew is here for you and wants what is best for your belongings.

Ask about how picking up your items at to store is convenient

Our vaults are available for not just those that are moving. If you are a company, we can put your items into our private storage facilities as well.  These are perfect solutions for companies that have large stores with a lot of holiday decor.  Or if you are a shop that has excess inventory and no room, we can help.  Our storage vaults are climate-controlled and ready to go within 48 hours from your phone call.

Each of our units is made on a pallet base which makes it easy to move around.  If you have larger items that need a place to be stored, we can do that as well.  We have a separate area where we put oversized things for storage.  Everything in our warehouse is accounted for.

Business Storage Options

When picking up your items at the store, we will pack the vault for you, and inventory everything we put inside.  We work hard to ensure that your belongings are safely and professionally packed.  If you have questions about picking the items to be stored, be sure to ask.  We are happy to discuss with you our storage vaults and how they work.

They are a very basic concept and are great for individuals that are getting ready to move.  These storage vaults are perfect for businesses as well.  We have many businesses who use our facilities to house all kinds of things.  This is the perfect solution to store seasonal inventory for the following year, decorations for the store, and other store items that don’t have a proper place.  We also store larger items for companies such as tooling and dies.  This is a perfect storage solution for those bulky items that need to be stored inside.

When you have items to store, it can be difficult to decide what solution is best for you.  There are several storage options to choose from.  So, you need to ask yourself if you want to haul everything to your public storage unit or if you want the convenience of us packing you up.   If you are going to need fast access to your items, our storage facility may not be right for you, as we need a 48-hour notice to get your stored items out.