4 Tips to Avoid Phoenix Moving Companies Scam

phoenix moving companiesScams are rampant these days. Rogue companies and businesses are out to rob their victims of hard-earned cash. Phoenix moving companies scams are no exception.

While dealing with these companies is stressful, it can be prevented with proper knowledge. Take these 4 tips and learn how to avoid being a victim of these bogus schemes.

Do Some Background Checking

Doing a good background check is one key to countering these scheming thieves. Clients may check the validity of moving companies at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association and the Better Business Bureau. Look for previous complaints filed against them to see if they can be trusted.

In addition, the clients can also contact references who have availed of the same services for feedback. They can also contact friends or relatives and ask for their advice about the Phoenix moving companies they have previously used.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking questions is often the most overlooked part when dealing with local Phoenix moving companies. The clients’ hesitation to ask paves the way for scammers to trick them.

To avoid being scammed, do not be afraid to ask the right questions such as the following:

  • Are the moving companies registered, licensed, and authorized by the government?
  • What are the rates and how do they come up with their estimates?
  • Are there additional fees? When do these fees apply?
  • What does their insurance cover?
  • Can they give recommendations and referrals from previous clients?
  • Do they have unresolved complaints from unsatisfied clients?

Do Not Rely on Online Price Quotes

Clients often commit one common mistake when dealing with movers: relying solely on online or over-the-phone price quotes. This is not only pointless but can be a clear mark of an impending scam.

Before agreeing to price quotes, have the Phoenix moving companies, visit the house and check the items, then request a written estimate. With a written estimate, clients can take the time to review if the rate is reasonable before hiring the movers.

Also, get more than one estimate and compare the prices. An extremely cheap cost is often too good to be true. It can send a signal that the company cannot be trusted. Look for the highest bid and understand where the price for each item comes from.

Be Wary of the Warning Signs

Look for the warning signs that will blow the cover of these scheming thieves. More often than not, scammers follow the same patterns which can send a red flag.

Here are a few patterns that should be observed when dealing with Phoenix moving companies.

  • A big upfront deposit is required.
  • Extremely low price for all of their services.
  • No specific information about the address, license, or insurance on their websites.
  • They do not issue the bill of lading, the legal contract between the mover and the customer.
  • Use of rental trucks without the company name imprinted on them.
  • Refer to themselves as “movers” instead of the company name when talking over the phone.

Heeding the tips above can give clients the upper hand against these fake Phoenix moving companies. Do not fall victim to their plots and do research, ask questions, stop relying on online price quotes, and watch out for the warning signals.

4 Tips to Avoid Phoenix Moving Companies Scam