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It’s been said that Glendale is the relocation, capital of the world. After all, more people are moving to the city – and across the city – than anywhere else in the world. With 20 years of Glendale-based experience, several offices throughout the area, and a long history of giving back to the community, our team of movers in Arizona makes your move simple – get a quote now and get started moving today!

Why Should I Use A Professional Glendale Moving Company?

Moving is hard. Let’s just state the obvious. Coordinating it all, and getting your things from one location to the next is never a good time. However, there are many great reasons to move and it can also be a very exciting time in your life. If you are thinking about moving and not sure if you want to do it yourself, then welcome! We are here to help you decide if the ease of a moving company is worth the extra cash.

Moving boxes, furniture, and household items can be a chore. However, when you get to your destination, do you have help there as well? Moving out of a location where you have made friends and have people that are willing to help is one thing. But, once you get to the new location, do you have anyone on that end? Moving or just you and your family can mean a whole lot of trips in and out and up the stairs.

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Why hire a Professional Moving company?

Do you have a bad back or other health issues? Does the idea of moving stress you out or overwhelm you? Do you have small children or a job that doesn’t allow enough time off? This can have a ripple effect on you and your family. Hiring a licensed and insured professional moving company will save your back and your sanity, and let you move on with life. Let our professional team manage the details, and pack and secure your household items. We can even set up long-term storage if you need it!

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Absolutely! We also offer free in-home estimates in writing. Let us know if you would prefer for us to come out.
No two moves are ever the same. As you can imagine, there are a lot of variables involved, like the distance between locations, the number of items being transported, and the number of trucks and crew needed – just to name a few.
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… Super work ethic, friendly and reliable. We went from a three-bedroom house to a two-bedroom townhouse with lots of boxes and furniture. Dose moving took the stress out of moving!

They showed up on time, quickly loaded boxes, and ensured fragile items and furniture were properly protected. Professional and friendly.
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These guys were a dream come true. All the reviews are accurate. Patrick and his crew were extremely
professional and efficient.

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