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How Can I Store My Car: Dose Storage

There’s a multitude of reasons someone might need to store their car: you have no garage space, it’s a convertible and not in use in the winter season or an RV that can’t be stored at home. Whatever your reason or season – there are dependable storage options for your vehicle at Dose Storage just for you.

If you need reliable and safe storage options and helpful tips, we will explain everything you need to know below.

How do I prepare my car for a long time in storage?

It’s not as simple as driving to the storage facility, parking it, and leaving your keys with the clerk. In fact, if you only did those things, your car could end up with

  • A dead battery or damaged engine
  • Ruined tires
  • (Possibly) a rat’s nest under the bonnet

With the proper precautions, none of these things should happen. So take care and follow the tips below when storing your car.

  1. Change the oil – if you’re storing the car for more than 30 days, an oil change can prevent any contaminants in used oil from damaging or eroding the engine.
  2. Fill the tank – it seems odd to fill a tank that’s not going to be driven, but filling the fuel tank can prevent moisture build-up, rust, and varnish build-up in the engine. A fuel stabilizer can also be added to the tank to stabilize the gas compounds.
  3. Keep it charged – a quick 15-minute drive every two weeks will prevent your car’s battery from dying. Otherwise, you could use a battery tender or ‘trickle charger’ that plugs into the wall to prevent the battery from discharging.
  4. Don’t use the parking brake – usually, the parking brake should be used at all times, but never for long-term car storage. The constant contact between the tires, brake pads, and rotors may cause them to fuse together (and park your car permanently)

how do i prepare my car for a long time in storage

Where is the best place to store a vehicle?

This will depend entirely on your own needs (storage time, location, etc.) and your car’s dimensions. At Dose Storage, you can request a quote that’s entirely catered to your own needs, with no charge or commitments.

With Dose Storage, you can have a month-to-month storage option with no hidden fees or binding contracts. According to the numerous 5-star reviews and customers, Dose Storage is the best storage option they could find for their situation.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind what size space your car might need:

Compact cars suit a 10 x 15 storage space:

  • Mini Coopers, Toyota Corolla, VW Golf (most 2-door cars)

Medium cars suit a 10 x 20 storage space.

  • Honda Civic, Ford Explorer, Subaru Outback, Toyota Tundra (most 4-door cars)

Larger vehicles suit a 10 x 25 storage space

  • Escalade, SUVs, cargo vans, and cab trucks

If you’re searching for a reliable, safe, and secure long-term storage option for your vehicle, look no further than Dose Storage. They have numerous accolades and awards for their services. They value the satisfaction and security their clients feel. Visit Dose Storage for your own storage and storage needs.

About Dose Moving

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