To be blunt – moving is stressful. There are many things to coordinate and plan, even if the move is from one small apartment to the next. Getting professional help can make your move a lot easier.

Below are our top reasons to hire moving services and relevant services that will make your life much less stressful.

Safety should take priority.

Moving a bunch of boxes and a couple of pieces of furniture doesn’t sound like rocket science until you watch the Friends scene where Ross, Chandler, and Rachel get a couch stuck in a stairwell. And in that crisis, Ross’ solution was to yell ‘Pivot!’ repeatedly…

If Ross had hired professional movers, they would have used the proper rigs and moving techniques to efficiently and safely move his couch through the stairwell.

While the Friends gang is great at making us laugh – they are not the best moving crew. Rachel and Chandler tried to help Ross, but they could have been seriously hurt in this scene. Everyone has a nightmare moving story when a college buddy asked for your help, and things didn’t go as ‘planned.’

With Dose Moving, safety is a top priority, and they will make sure no one pulls their back or gets hurt in the move.

1. Local moving made easy.

Suppose you’re on the fence about hiring help. In that case, Dose Moving has a quick quote calculator on their site that can tell you exactly how much the move will cost. Because professionals understand how stressful moving can be, they make it their business to be efficient, quick, and prompt on all moving sites.

Even if your move is from one small apartment to the next – your moving day could cause damage to you or your belongings if it’s not done with calm experience and ease. Things most moving people lack are patience, relaxed attitudes, and experience, and this is what leads to accidents and damage.

Professional local movers have well-trained teams that will have all your possessions boxed, your furniture wrapped and everything stacked into a truck quickly. At Dose Moving, your moving crew will communicate with you at least 30 minutes before any trucks arrive. This way, you don’t have to worry about being late to grab your keys from the new landlord or have any other timed plans ruined with tardiness.

Moving is stressful – but if you hire professionals, the only time concern you should have will be traffic.

2. Long-distance moving

The only thing more difficult than moving is moving long distances.

Sure, you could load up on caffeine, get a UHaul truck, pack it, and drive it across the country to your new home, but when you get to your new home, you will still have to unpack and unload the truck.

If you choose Dose Moving, you can leave all moving tasks to their pioneering 5-star rated service and still have the energy to unpack and decorate your new home. Moving long distances is another excellent service Dose Moving offers.

3. Insurance

Putting all your possessions in the hands of another can be scary. Still, Dose Moving has a readily available Moving Insurance option that can alleviate some of that worry. Up to $100 000 of cargo can be covered by Moving Insurance should there be an accident or incident in the moving process.

Anxiety and accidents are not in short supply when moving, but insurance can be an asset to your move if you can spare an extra expense.

As we said, moving is stressful, but you have the option to make it more convenient and easy. If you want to yell “PIVOT!” to your friends like Ross, that’s up to you. Or you could spend a little on an outstanding local business and get your furniture and belongings in your new place (not stuck in a stairwell).