Trusted Professionals For Commercial Transitions in Glendale, AZ

When you join hands with Dose Moving & Storage, we make sure you capitalize on the benefits of moving your office to a new location. With hundreds of business relocations completed successfully, we are here to help you achieve your move securely and efficiently.

Moving your business in Glendale is a big deal, and we want your time in your new office space to be fantastic. Thus, the highly trained and qualified commercial movers at Dose Moving & Storage optimize the relocation process to perfection to help you keep your business running smoothly.

Look no further than Dose Moving for reliable and trustworthy commercial moving services in Glendale, AZ. Call 602-806-9335 to receive a free quote and plan a stress-free business move. 

We Shape Your Business Move to Success

When it comes to office or commercial moves, the stakes are high, and unexpected downtime could cost your business thousands of dollars. Dose Moving & Storage offers a range of professional moving and storage solutions tailored to minimize disruption and downtime.

Our professional move supervisors plan every component of the relocation to make it easier for you and your employees to get back to work quickly.

We move everything from computers to servers, filing cabinets, commercial kitchens, office furniture, and more. Nothing gets out of place when our commercial moving experts do the job, which helps drive your business toward success.

The Dose Moving & Storage Commercial Move Advantage

At Dose Moving, we believe in being the partners our clients look for when shifting their office to a new location, and that makes us more than just a commercial moving company. Choosing us among other office moving companies serves you with the following advantages:

On-time Guarantee

We understand the significance of time in the corporate world. Our on-time guarantee and team of proficient office movers assure you we will be at the destination without any delays.

Expert Handling and Packing

Rest assured that your valuable office equipment, sensitive electronics, and cherished furniture are in safe hands with Dose Moving. Our experienced professionals are well-trained in packing and handling business moves throughout Glendale.

No Hidden Fees and Charges

We know transparency is paramount when relocating a commercial setup. Our office move coordinators provide detailed and itemized cost estimates so you know what to expect from our services.

Personalized Solutions and Storage

No two businesses are alike, and neither should be their relocation plans. We offer personalized moving solutions tailored to meet your requirements.

Dose Moving also offers storage services providing businesses like you with a safe and sound place to store your valuable items. Our commercial storage vaults are convenient and climate-controlled and come with access to free packing supplies like furniture blankets for short and long-term storage.

Post-Move Support

Need us to unpack and organize your office? You will always find our moving professionals ready to assist you. We aim to help you get back to business swiftly and effortlessly.

Your Business Move, Perfected: Call Dose Moving & Storage

When it comes to commercial relocation in Glendale, Dose Moving has a proven track record. From start-ups to bigger businesses, we can handle moves of all sizes (including long-distance ones) with the same precision and planning.

Throughout the move, our dedicated supervisor keeps you updated about the progress, and you can easily plan how to start your business processes again.

Relocate your business in three easy steps with Dose Moving. Call our professional movers at 602-806-9335 or get an appointment, receive a service quote, and move your office!