How Does Movers Insurance Work in Arizona?

Are Movers Insured, Or Do I Need Insurance in Arizona?

Are movers, insured? Yes, our moving services are insured for moving normal household items. However, this insurance only covers only $0.60/pound. That means that if your expensive TV or couch is ruined during the move, you will only get what it weighs, which leads to many issues down the road. If you are looking to move to Arizona or in Arizona, it is advised that you get relocation insurance that will cover you at full value. While we do everything we can not have damage, things happen out there on the road. The truck could get into an accident, or things could unexpectedly shift due to having to slam on the brakes for whatever reason.

Arizona Moving Insurance

While we do have insurance, it is only to cover our things, and that DOT, $0.60/lb is for what we are transporting. This typically doesn’t come close to replacing what could be lost in a potential accident. It is also good to note that TVs are not covered if they are out of their box. Be sure that you get the proper insurance coverage and DOT as Arizona only allows the $0.60/lb liability on our policy. This means that if something happens, you could be out some serious money. Of course, as professional movers, our reputation is important to us, and we will do everything we can to ensure that your items don’t get damaged.

When asking if movers are insured, you ask about the DOT coverage and liability insurance for our crew members. We carry liability insurance and business insurance to cover any medical expenses arising from working within our company. This means that the person moving is not liable should someone be injured while moving your belongings. However, we do extensive training for our crew members to ensure they lift and move properly. Things happen. We want to be sure that they are safe for moving, but also covered should there be any sort of accident.

Are Mover’s Insured?

Furthermore, it would be best to look into insurance on anything that might not be considered a normal household item. If you have anything that has rare value, such as antiques, you need to ensure that your insurance company knows that. Be sure to take a walk around your home and video everything you have inside. This is a good idea to do anyway, in case there is a theft or something else happens down the road. You will have documentation of what you own and what has gone missing.

While we do our best to ensure our customer’s belongings arrive safe and packaged well, unfortunately, things do happen. Be sure that you are not left out in the dark without the proper coverage. Moving insurance is relatively inexpensive and can save you when things go wrong.
When we arrive and unload, we will go through things with you. You should note then if there is something out of the ordinary. If you find something damaged or if you have any problem with your items let the crew know. Once our team is off your property, your possessions are no longer on our watch.

Are Movers Insured, Or Do I Need Insurance in Arizona?