Moving Companies Near Me Phoenix, AZ. How Moving Companies Charge

When you're looking for moving companies close to you in Phoenix, AZ, it's important to focus on clear and upfront pricing. Some movers might offer an hourly rate that seems cheap initially, but hidden fees can quickly add up. It's best to choose a company like Dose Moving & Storage that is committed to transparent pricing from the start.

The top moving companies will clearly outline all their costs so you know exactly what to expect. Be wary of low hourly rates that come with extra charges, and opt for movers who are upfront about all their prices. Your total moving expenses will vary based on factors like the size of your move and the services you require - let's explore these details.


Ford Pickup Moving Company Beginnings

In 2014, Patrick and Marilee Dose started Dose Moving & Storage with just one Ford pickup truck and a rented U-Haul trailer. You might be wondering how this small beginning turned into the well-known moving company it's today.

By focusing on excellence, Dose Moving & Storage saw the common issues in the moving industry, like hidden fees and bad communication. So, they decided to be upfront with pricing, hire professional movers, and offer private storage options.

Now, you can rely on Dose Moving & Storage for trustworthy and customer-centered Moving & Storage services.


Hidden Fees Exposed Early

When you're looking into moving companies, you quickly realize that sneaky fees can pile up fast, leaving you with a bigger bill than you expected.

It's important to find movers that show you all their prices upfront, like Dose Moving & Storage, to avoid surprises. The top long distance moving companies and budget-friendly local movers will always be clear about their costs.

Watch out for companies that give low hourly rates but then add on extra charges for things like packing, loading, or storage. Instead, choose movers that break down their prices in detail, so you know exactly what you're paying for.


Expertly Trained Moving Teams

At Dose Moving & Storage, our teams are top-notch. They've had thorough background checks and ongoing training to handle your stuff with care.

We're proud of our local movers who offer packing services, making your move stress-free.

As trusted interstate movers, we understand the importance of safe transportation and storage. That's why we provide professional vehicle storage options to keep your belongings secure.

Our teams use the latest techniques and equipment to protect your valuables during the move. You can trust Dose Moving & Storage to take good care of your things.



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