Moving Companies Near Me Glendale, AZ. What to Expect on Moving Day

When you're moving in Glendale, AZ with Dose Moving & Storage, be prepared for a relocation experience that's influenced by the city's desert climate and infrastructure.

With over 300 days of sunshine, we'll make sure our moving team is protected from the sun. We're also aware that traffic congestion on the 101 freeway, especially during rush hour, can be a challenge - so we'll plan accordingly.

At Dose Moving & Storage, we'll work with you to customize your relocation plan to tackle Glendale's unique demands and make the most of your moving day.


Glendale's 300+ Days of Sun

Glendale's desert climate boasts an impressive 300+ days of sunshine per year, making it a top destination for those seeking to ditch gloomy weather and soak up the Arizona sun. However, it's essential to prioritize sun protection to avoid the risks that come with excessive sun exposure.

At Dose Moving & Storage, we want you to make the most of your time in Glendale. To do that, residents and visitors should take steps to shield themselves from the intense desert sun, like wearing protective clothing, seeking shade, and applying sunscreen with a high SPF.

On the flip side, the abundance of sunlight also provides a valuable opportunity to boost vitamin D levels, crucial for bone health and immune function. By adopting responsible sun habits, you can reap the benefits of Glendale's sunny climate while minimizing its drawbacks.


Traffic Congestion on 101

Enjoying the sunny weather in Glendale is one thing, but navigating the city's roads is a whole different story, especially on the notorious 101 freeway. During rush hour, this freeway turns into a giant parking lot.

That's why it's crucial to plan your move strategically. Before scheduling your move, make sure to check for road closures, as even a single lane closure can cause significant delays.

At Dose Moving & Storage, our experts have experience handling these challenges, but it's still important to communicate with us about potential traffic issues.


Packing Room by Room

Packing room by room is Dose Moving & Storage's proven approach to a smooth and stress-free relocation. By tackling one area at a time, you'll be able to carefully wrap, label, and load your belongings into the moving truck with ease.

This strategy allows you to focus on one room at a time, implementing effective packing techniques like categorizing items by priority and using labeling tips to identify contents and rooms. It also helps prevent clutter and confusion, making the entire moving process less overwhelming.

As you pack each room, be sure to label boxes clearly and consistently, indicating what's inside and which room it belongs in. 


Free In-Home Moving Estimates

With Dose Moving & Storage's in-home moving estimate, you'll get a thorough and detailed assessment of your relocation needs. This helps you plan and budget for a smooth move. 

Our estimate process is designed to give you a clear understanding of the services you need, ensuring a customized approach to your move.

With a thorough estimate, you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and enjoy a stress-free relocation experience. Choose Dose Moving & Storage for a smooth, painless move. Contact us today, or fill out the compact form below, and one of our Moving & Storage experts will get right back to you. In addition, you can check customer reviews on SoTellUs, Yellow Pages, or Google.


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